I grew up on a farm where I spent most of my time among trees. I had my own tree house and loved building shelters.

I think my passion for wood and trees started at the age of 5 when I ate tree juice from branches 🙂

At the age of 16, my creativity moved away from building crate cars, skateboards and skateboard ramps to building furniture.

I took woodwork as main subject and started working after school in 1992. I’ve worked for various different woodworking companies and taught myself the different styles and ways to make their products.

Today, I am a qualified cabinet maker and taught myself the required skills to make quality furniture and building my own company.

I started Bespoke Tables in 2009 and still manufacture all the furniture myself because I love what I do and want to deliver the best quality furniture that will last a lifetime.

I want my clients to have just as much pride and joy in handcrafted pieces as I have.

The piece of furniture closest to my heart is a table. Why? Easy! This is the place where people come together to share faith, food, drink, work, laughter, conversation and emotion with family, friends and loved ones over generations.